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Copelouzos Art Museum

It was at the request of Mr Dimitri Coupelouzos that this work was produced in December 2022 to join the private collection for a permanent exhibition of French artists on 35 × 35 cm formats.

It was painted in Mixmedia on a canvas provided by the museum in a sublime case with the effigy of the place.

Effusion of the heart thus comes into being at a time of human and institutional dislocation, the war in Ukraine, migration corridors in southern Europe, institutions that have no regard for the fundamental rights of citizens, symbols of freedom and culture under attack.

This work therefore represents a heart that pours out, wounded, it no longer wants to suffer the oppression of crushing. It wants to live, breathe and love freely. This work symbolises the times we live in with a heart that evokes a necessary repair.

Art, Exposition

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