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Empreintes : Creation of a book following the art therapy workshops

Posted on July 19, 2017

For several months now, we have been involved with the Réseau Rivage, which offers art therapy workshops to its patients.

Group workshops are organised every Thursday and ideally in the future at home.

Each session is an opportunity to carry out exercises specific to the needs of each person, but also to create common works. These exchanges allow, in addition to the stimulation they generate, each participant to reposition themselves in relation to their respective experiences.

This year, the participants will have the opportunity to work together on a variety of projects.

This year, the participants are producing a book that recounts very significant events that have upset, impacted and changed their lives. Through stories, paintings, sculptures, these events and feelings are expressed and gradually traced. The teachings and impacts on their life trajectories are also concealed and the fact of being able to express them, to free themselves from certain emotions still contained in their bodies is a real therapeutic process. 

The process of creation allows the care of sensitive dynamics and through the body, then the act allowing the mind to find its bearings (where it had lost them) by representing the image from another angle...

Cardinali Johanna

Visual artist

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